The Shopify Solution

The S&P Data team believes they can assist Shopify in managing and driving incremental revenue to the long tail segment of new and current customers.

Idea #1

Plug & Play Support

We want to allow Shopify Merchants to focus on their business, enabling them to scale confidently knowing they have 20+ years of customer care expertise backing them up.

Additional bandwidth during peak season.
Proactive Live Chat
A trusted CX outsourcing option.
Hands-Off CX
Infinitely Scalable
Fully Integrated with Shopify

Solution Details

Our vision is a turn-key solution offered to Shopify Merchants through their dashboard.
Inbound Peripherals (Front End)
Omnichannel Contact Functionality
Self-Service Channels
User Boards
Chatbot & Ai
Shopify Website Integration
Leverage standard Shopify APIs to access customer and order information.
Integrated CRM
Self-Service Channels
Customer Profile
Order History
Knowledge Base
S&P Service Standard
Best in Class Customer Care
Tailored Abandon Cart and Returning Customer Engagements
Revenue Focused Support Staff
Initiated by integrated self-service with seamless escalation to live associates via chat, text or voice
Focused on NPS and revenue opportunities

Idea #2

Retention & Stimulation

We will leverage our digital agency, staffed by S&P Data, to increase platform usage and LTV. This would be a fee-based support option that is a revenue share opportunity for Shopify.

This solution is targeted towards growing merchants who have ever-changing needs, but do not have the security to commit to Shopify Plus.

Onboarding Support
Custom Solution Management
Trigger-based call flows
Identify loss points
Campaign Management
Agency Services
“As a Shopify Merchant for 4 years I have always been pleased with their support. With that being said, there has been times when I wish there was an option for on-demand, highly-knowledgeable support directly in Shopify that can assist with specialized tasks rather than having to source an agency on our own. This type of service is something I would be happy to pay extra for.”
Shane Petersen -

Key Processes

After building large scale customer care and tech companies for 20+ years, we have blended our people, process and technology approach. The result? Industry leading care, at scale.

Machine learning & AI

We have built internal systems to optimize our recruiting and training to ensure consistency of world class agents. Further, our intervention systems enable learning for an agents full career.


Enable inbound care traffic to pay for itself by identifying, positioning, and closing incremental revenue opportunities on service calls while maintaining industry leading NPS and Customer Feedback scores.




Service is our DNA, Sales is our passion.

Who is S&P Data?

Founded in 2004 by 3 partners with track record for building large-scale, state of the art contact centers and CRM solutions.

  • Premium sales and customer care for companies who want to delight their customers at every step.

  • Founder led, engaged and proactive management team constantly innovating and driving performance.

  • We live your business, understand it, and align our goals and success measures

  • We don't just answer calls, we are dynamic marketing partners designing, building, executing, and improving bespoke solutions