Small & Mid Size Business Offering

We serve and grow Small and Mid Size Business customers everyday; let us serve and grow yours.

15 years Experience

S&P Data has been serving Small Businesses for over 20 years via Sales and Customer Care programs for large enterprise clients with significant Small Biz and Mid Size Company portfolios.

Revenue Results & Service

We have the revenue results and service track record to delight Small Businesses.  So if you serve Small Biz we’d love to connect on how our Small and Mid Size Business outsource teams can help.


Service to Sales

S&P Data goes beyond customer transactional interaction and turns transactions into transformational customer moments for growth.

Not a BPO

S&P Data goes way beyond typical BPO objectives which are typically focused on reducing the cost to complete a transaction to its lowest possibility. We don’t do that.

Deeper Customer Relationships

We treat the opportunity to talk with a customer who may be trying to resolve a service issue as a great opportunity to go beyond the service transaction and see if we might be able to expand, deepen, strengthen the customer relationship as a result of solving the issue.

Unparalleled Customer Retention

This approach has made massive impacts on clients ability to not only retain customers through a less than ideal service situation, but actually grow the customer as a result of it.  

Tech-Enabled Scale

Omni Channel Offering

S&P Data offers end to end Omni Channel support to serve and grow customers who respond to any of the ever growing mediums of contact.

Instant Deployment

We are fully charged to serve customers responding to: Broadcast SMS, Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS, Live Chat, Retargeting Ad Responses, and Push Notifications.  

Horizontal Growth

We take responsibility in fulfilment and growth, leveraging our vast domain expertise we help you grow horizontally across your entire Omni-Channel platform

Vertical Progress

We work with our clients to expand their platform, drive vertical progress and target the mediums with the greatest impact.

Our Innovative Toolkit

Products and systems we have built to help you move faster, with confidence.


Work From Anywhere

Our remote work solution enabling clients to scale while remaining secure.

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AI Recruiting

Our AI enabled hiring solution that accelerates competency and reduces churn.

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Hiring Accelerated Lab Onboarding

Our accelerated onboarding and training system that increases your profitability.

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