The Facebook Solution

Through our deep domain experience and our focus on quality interactions, the S&P Data team believes they can assist Facebook with sales, customer service and content moderation.

Premium sales and customer care for companies who want to delight their customers at every step. 

Capability #1

Sales & Execution

S&P builds growth focused sales systems for multiple verticals by delighting customers and providing a personalized approach to revenue generation solutions for small and medium size businesses.

Facebook has built the most robust and scalable advertising platform, enabling an unprecedented opportunity for enterprise and small businesses to scale. However, we believe that there is a significant amount of businesses left at the last mile of the sale, never realizing the potential traffic and traction of Facebook advertising solutions. 

Our Solution

Leveraging our internal digital advertising agency, we have deep domain expertise identifying the triggers/identifiers that lead to churn of advertising clients. Here is how we believe a proactive approach will mitigate churn rate, and increase lifetime value of advertising.
1. Identify Friction
Historic Churn Identifiers
Campaign Structure
Limited Testing
Unrealized Learning Phase
Conversion Events
Service Channels
Opportunity Tree
We will leverage human auditing to identify opportunistic accounts.
2. Offer Value Focused Services
Our internal team will both recommend and execute services to ensure client success and reduce churn. Main objective is a positive ROAS before moving to Phase 3.
Campaign Structuring
Creative Production
Web Optimization
ROI Refinement
3. Scale and Service
Agency experience backed by the trust of Facebook
A more hands on and proactive approach to representation than the typical Marketing Expert and Account Manager support that Facebook typically provides SMB’s
Education/implementation of “The Power 5” automated ad tactics
Foreign market expansion
Seasonal scale (Black Friday, Cyber Monday Etc.)

Capability #2

Customer Service 

We want to enable Facebook clients to focus on their business, allowing them to scale confidently knowing they have 20+ years of customer care expertise backing them up.

S&P Data has a strong background in omni channel service, and technical support for a diverse group of industries. Our objective is to engage prospects and customers earlier in the life cycle and escalate through the pipeline to drive conversion and increase yield.

Key Processes

After building large scale customer care and tech companies for 20+ years, we have blended our people, process and technology approach. The result? Industry leading care, at scale.

Machine learning & AI

We have built internal systems to optimize our recruiting and training to ensure consistency of world class agents. Further, our intervention systems enable learning for an agents full career.


Enable inbound care traffic to pay for itself by identifying, positioning, and closing incremental revenue opportunities on service calls while maintaining industry leading NPS and Customer Feedback scores.




Service is our DNA, Sales is our passion.

Scale without Compromise

North America
Central America

Who is S&P Data?

Founded in 2004 by 3 partners with track record for building large-scale, state of the art contact centers and CRM solutions.

  • Premium sales and customer care for companies who want to delight their customers at every step.

  • Founder led, engaged and proactive management team constantly innovating and driving performance.

  • We live your business, understand it, and align our goals and success measures.

  • We don't just answer calls, we are dynamic marketing partners designing, building, executing, and improving bespoke solutions.