Outsourced Contact Center for US Companies Moving to Canada Companies

Closer to home than you think.

Our Canadian based locations provide a contact center at a ~40% discount to the US Dollar, while sharing time zones with your customers.
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Onshore service, offshore price.

S&P Data has positioned itself as the native partner for US companies that want to provide a cost effective customer care solution, tailored to meet their needs.

Optimal Proximity & Timezone

Our operations span the timezone of your customers while being just a short flight from most major US cities.

Excel with Experience

Canadian based, S&P Data brings over 15 years of experience working with companies in Canada. We can help you navigate growth.

Your Reliable Neighbour

We offer a knowledgeable, reliable workforce that understands the needs and culture of your American customers.

Test and Scale with Canada

We iterate, improve and scale curated solutions in a sandbox environment with our clients.

Don't be left in the dark. We offer top-flight technology and real-time reporting with metrics to the best performing companies in the world.

Flexibility is our strength. We can scale your pilot programs and expand them based on your needs and performance.

Our focus is retaining your customers while driving revenue. We look at every customer contact as an opportunity, and build a long term customer relationship.

More than service, We have Experts

"S&P Data has both Canadian and U.S. heritage, so we know the detailed differences of both terrains. This know-how gives us an advantage to be leveraged for your company to efficiently make the move to Canada as a home base."

Dan Plashkes

Partner & CEO

70% increase in revenue in just 3 months of using S&P Data

In collaboration with an enterprise client in telecom, we were able to drive revenue growth of 70% through a win back program. Let us create new revenue streams for you.

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