Outsourced Customer Services for Telecom & Cable Companies

One stop shop for your service and sales needs

Over the last 15 years, we have created new selling opportunities for some of the largest telecommunications, cable and satellite companies in North America.
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It starts with your brand, your goals and our management

We dig into your business, understand your problems and help you identify growth opportunities often not visible from the inside.

Turn Service Into Revenue

By crafting customer relationships, and building custom sales programs, our team is able to turn any customer service call into predictable revenue.

We Grow by Your Side

For years, we have increased the dedicated headcount by as much as 100% to propel sales and growth, and match your ever-changing goals.

Confidence Backed by Data

Our dedicated team delivers on average +25% above sales objectives on a monthly basis. We also maintain a margin of 15-20% higher than projections lowering the cost per sale, reducing churn and increasing ROI.

High-Tech Touchpoints

In a rapidly changing world, S&P's solution can help Telecom and Cable clients remain strong.

We leverage our tech expertise across the industry to help you

We achieve the perfect tech to human touch

Our customer interactions mimic the tone and voice of your company

More than service, We have Experts

“Some of our earliest work concentrated in partnering on growth programs in Telco and Cable. We never just answer calls or deliver service, rather, we innovate with our clients to drive long term, sustainable growth. Today, we work with some of the largest Mobile, Telco, and Cable providers in the world; delivering every evolving service and growth programs which become essential elements of their growth plans."

Ken Crema

Partner & Chairman

70% increase in revenue in just 3 months of using S&P Data

In collaboration with an enterprise client in telecom, we were able to drive revenue growth of 70% through a win back program. Let us create new revenue streams for you.

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Our Innovative Toolkit

Products and systems we have built to help you move faster, with confidence.


Work From Anywhere

Our remote work solution enabling clients to scale while remaining secure.

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AI Recruiting

Our AI enabled hiring solution that accelerates competency and reduces churn.

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Hiring Accelerated Lab Onboarding

Our accelerated onboarding and training system that increases your profitability.

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