Hiring Accelerated Lab Onboarding

Reduce Attrition Cost & Improve Time to Revenue

Our solution pairs advisors with new hires generating productive associates in week one while efficiently weeding out job fit attrition earlier.

Reduce training time by 50%

The HALO model utilizes and air-tight approach to remote training and hands-on on-boarding.

Scalable classrooms.

LabLearning environment.

1 X 1 Co-Piloting and mentoring.

Scaling the Unscalable.

Using our proprietary AI Recruiting technology platform, we are achieving a days to hire average of 10 days beating the industry average of 25 days.

Comparing Numbers

Industry leading metrics that only get better with time.
Traditional Method


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Training & Nesting
35 Days
17 Days
Gen X
Time to Revenue
Week 5
Week 1
Time to Performance
25 Days
7 Days
Training Expense
Attrition (avg)
Day 28
Day 5

Benefits After Implementation

We take a technology agnostic approach to virtual training, using standard industry tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to support attendance.

33% Decrease in Average Attrition Date

Meaning poor job fits are attriting earlier, reducing investment and increasing the attention committed trainees receive

26% Decrease in 30 Day Attrition Rate

Driven by an increase in engagement in training, yielding a steadier, more predictable program that keeps the right hires on, for longer.

33% Increase Time to Competency

Our structure for accelerated training allowsus to graduate trainees
earlier, and with better results while not compromising quality.

22% Increase in Course Evaluation Score

After implementing HALO across the board, we have realized a significant increase in evaluation score due to a higher quality experience and graduates that are both happier and more engaged.