AI Recruiting

Increase Competency & Reduce Agent Churn

We have matured an artificial intelligence to determine a candidate’s match-to-role which accelerates competency and reduces churn.

Cut Your Hiring
Window by 56%

Leverage our Ai Recruiting system to access the best talent with the fastest ramp to revenue.

Better hiring yields better results.

Faster ramp to revenue.

Stronger and longer economic returns.

Scaling the Unscalable.

Using our proprietary AI Recruiting technology platform, we are achieving a days to hire average of 10 days beating the industry average of 25 days.

Comparing Numbers

Industry leading metrics that only get better with time.
Traditional Method


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Resume Funnel
Contact Rate
Time to Hire
25 Days
10 Days
Recruiter, Ops Manager or Team Lead
Brand Ambassadors
Graduation Rate

How it works

We have leveraged huge candidate data sets into machine learning to form Ai which scientifically yields higher performing, longer lasting, more fulfilled associates serving customers just like yours everyday.

Intelligence Grading System

By having analyzed 40,000+ candidates in our Applicant Tracking System. The AI system analyzed resumes, psychometric assessments, turnover and performance data, and determined who was a successful hire and who was an unsuccessful hire. 

24/7 Chat Bot

The intelligent Chat Bot eliminates the traditional phone interview and replaces it with a customizable text message interview that works 24/7. The Chatbot is deployed within seconds of a candidate applying to S&P Data – no matter the day or time or timezone of our recruiters.