Premium sales and customer care for companies who want to delight their customers at every step. 

The BPO Model is Broken

Proud to be 100% on-shore. Find out how we’re disrupting the industry


Our wide range of customer engagement solutions make us the sidekick for Fortune 500 companies, booming unicorns and rapidly growing tech startups.
Telecom & Cable
Over the last 15 years, we have created new selling opportunities for some of the largest telecommunications, cable and satellite companies in North America.
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Fintech / Financial Services
You know your competition is growing, you have great products, but long-term success needs long-term customers. S&P Data builds lasting customer relationships via curated human care.
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Technology / Cloudbased Sales
Our software tools and support system allow your company to scale, uninterrupted, so you can focus on the future.
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US Companies Moving to Canada
Our Canadian based locations provide a contact center at a ~40% discount to the US Dollar, while sharing time zones with your customers.
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Healthcare / Telemed
We support leading global healthcare organizations, to help them run highly agile and value-enabled operations resulting in exceptional patient experience.
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Retail E-Commerce
Transform customers into fans with our premium customer support services that seamlessly span the omni-channel climate of today’s market.
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Our Innovative Toolkit

Products and systems we have built to help you move faster, with confidence.


Work From Anywhere

Our remote work solution enabling clients to scale while remaining secure.

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AI Recruiting

Our AI enabled hiring solution that accelerates competency and reduces churn.

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Hiring Accelerated Lab Onboarding

Our accelerated onboarding and training system that increases your profitability.

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